Through My Massage I hope to…

    - Promote body and genital awareness 

    - Eliminate the stigma and discomfort associated with nudity and the body

    - Achieve a balance between relaxation of body & mind and alertness/arousal

    - Create an honest human connection

    - Provide an experience

    - Massage with awareness and an ever present mind

    Personal Goals 

    - Continue to cultivate an open mind

    - Learn new languages in particular : Mandarin Chinese, Bahasa Indonesian, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic

    - Master a martial art

    - Continue to develop my meditation practice 

    - Continue to develop my yoga practice

    - Study alternative healing and holistic medicine, particularly Ayurveda 

    - Leave a positive imprint on humanity and continue to find ways of contributing on any level - to those whose paths cross with mine as well as to those I will never meet

    - Write a book